Welcome to The Lover's Dance

Welcome to The Lover's Dance

Welcome to The Lover's DanceWelcome to The Lover's DanceWelcome to The Lover's Dance

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The Lover's Dance

"The Lover's Dance" is a product of: Song of Solomon '3 Part' New Creation Bride of Christ Ministries, LLC

God Brought You Here

Why Have You Found Yourself on Our Website?

Sweet Friend, could it be you were looking for a deeper relationship with The One who created all mankind? That your heart was yearning for Him, but did not know how to find Him? O how He loves you so! You are precious to Him! 

The Lover’s Dance is a journey of faith towards intimacy with God. It was given to me by my Precious 

Heavenly Father, my Lord Jesus and my Best Friend, Mighty Holy Spirit. God gave this to me just after my husband of 27 years, the man I adored, died.

In this book, The Lover’s Dance: A Journey Through the Song of Solomon, you will find how deeply our Precious Lord loves you and how He longs to have the sweetest holy intimacy with you. Relationship, sweet friend, is what Our Lord desires to have with us, His longed for family. He yearns to have you spend T I M E with Him alone...just He and you. In His special place of holy intimacy, through The Song of Solomon, your heart will find The One whom you were seeking. 

This book, The Lover’s Dance, shares with you, the reader, the steps and tools He showed me, to do and to take, in order to have the sweetest, most beautiful holy intimacy with Him. He is my Precious One, The One I love, The One I adore and The One I cherish.

Please allow His holy love to cover you, heal you and touch you, in the very depth of your being, as you begin this most incredible journey through The Lover’s Dance: A Journey Through The Song of Solomon.

You are deeply cherished.

~with His Sweet Aloha,

~Reverend Helen Leona Brock


It has been said that music is the speech of angels. Dear one, it took a long time for me to come to grips with what it meant to walk in holy intimacy with Our Lord. Once I finally surrendered to learning about what my mom's journey of The Song of Solomon was all about, in terms of having a holy intimacy walk with Our Lord, I started to write lyrics and paired them with classical melodies & covers. The album released, The Lover's Dance-Vol. 1, was a result of the intimacy that I discovered and experienced from my own journey through reading The Lover's Dance; A Journey Through The Song of Solomon.

The Lover's Dance-Vol. 1 was included as part of the title for the album,  since I plan to release a "Volume 2" in the future. May Our Lord touch your spirit, soul, mind and body as you listen to this album, dear one.

You are deeply loved and adored by The One Who is Love and Adoration, God Himself.

~In His Love

~Lani Brock


To order Reverend Helen's The Lover's Dance: A Journey Through the Song of Solomon , in both Formats: Both Kindle eBook and Paperback, please visit: amazon.com/author/theloversdance 

To order Lani's The Lover's Dance-Vol.1

as an Audio CD or as a Digital format, please visit: https://lani.hearnow.com

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